No matter the brand, model, or trim level, there’s one thing your vehicle has in common with every automobile: it looks best when it’s clean. At Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing, we detail cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles inside and outside. After we’re finished detailing your vehicle, it’ll appear pristine and is better protected from the elements. Also, if you’re too busy to visit the carwash, that’s OK! Our mobile detail service in Ormond Beach arrives right at your location and performs the detailing there! Contact us today to make your vehicle look its best.

Auto Detailing in Ormond Beach, FL

Vehicles We Detail

In short, we detail every vehicle. Whether it’s compact or full-size, domestic or foreign, classic or custom, your vehicle is eligible for our Ormond Beach car detailing services. How is it that we’re able to detail such a wide array of automobiles? It’s because we’re car-people, too. We understand the the differences among flat, glossy, and textured paint jobs and how to bring the vibrance out of each type. We also appreciate that different materials need separate products — for instance, we know how to detail chrome headers versus aluminum air cleaners, and brown leather dashboards versus black leather seats. This special knowledge is the reason we can a lineup of distinct vehicles yet have them all come out looking equally clean, bright, and attractive.

Why We’re Hassle-Free

Regardless of where they request our car detailing mobile service, Ormond Beach, FL, drivers always receive back their vehicles in the same places and in perfect condition with no hassles involved. Traditional car washes make customers come to them, and then the drivers must stand around and wait. But there’s no waiting around for us to finish the job. We clean and detail the vehicle in your driveway, office parking space, or wherever else you’ve requested us to visit. And as we’re working, you’re free to go about life as usual. We also offer fair, hassle-free prices based on the conditions of vehicles. And our quotes are always direct and upfront.

Auto Clean Services

Regardless of the makes, models, and styles of vehicles, Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing makes them appear shiny, spotless, and like-new. Our team uses top-of-the-line products, and we match each product to suit the exterior paint finish, interior upholstery, and other features of a car. Each time we perform mobile auto detailing in Ormond Beach, we begin with our basic service package and customize it to the customer’s preferences. The majority of our auto cleaning sessions proceed as follows.

  • First, we wash the exterior of the vehicle with a foam bath.
  • Next, we clean the wheels, wheel wells, and door jams.
  • Then, we dry the exterior by hand to prevent water-spots.
  • Moving on to the interior, we vacuum and dust all over.
  • Then, we clean the windows and deodorize the cabin.
  • Lastly, we incorporate any custom touches requested.

Vehicle Protection Services

Because of the sun, sand, and rain in Ormond Beach, mobile car detailing services need to protect vehicles as well as clean them. That’s why our team performs vehicle protection services for cars, trucks, SUVS, and motorcycles. After cleaning your vehicle, we treat it with special products that keep it looking fresh as well as protect it from the natural elements. If you’re not sure whether protection is worth the money, consider that hand waxing, tire dressings, interior conditioners and other products will protect your vehicle from dings, scratches, and discolorations that cost more down the road to repair.

Restoration Services

Some drivers believe that their vehicles should be show cars or exotic imports to merit auto detailing services. But this isn’t the case. All automobiles benefit from the cleaning and protection services we offer at Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing.

Although, the Florida sun can be harsh on exterior and interior surfaces, while some features of vehicles lose their aesthetic appeal as they age. For these vehicles, we offer restoration services to enhance the exterior and interior appearances — restoration is perfect for a vehicle your selling, a pre-owned car you’ve recently purchased, and as part of routine automotive maintenance. Here are a few restoration services and their benefits.

  • Headlight restoration makes the plastic casings clear for safer visibility.
  • Interior stain and odor removal makes upholstery fresh and clean.
  • Plastic trim restoration brings vibrance back to interior accent pieces.
  • Engine cleaning removes debris for a clean motor with smoother performance.
Mobile Auto Detailing in Ormond Beach, FL

Mobile Auto Detailing in Ormond Beach, FL

At Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing, we understand how to bring the most out of your car’s appearance. Our years of experience detailing vehicles in Central Florida have taught us all of the nuances of cleaning, protecting, and restoring cars in a sunny, humid climate. Also, as car people, we know how to treat different paint finishes and materials on any vehicle (including motorcycles), no matter the year, make, or model. Our team is also mobile, which means we’ll come to your location, whether you’re at home, the office, or elsewhere, and perform a full-service detail. To schedule a detailing session in Ormond Beach, contact Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing today!