Sure, your cherished car or truck looks good when it leaves the car wash but what if it could be really clean? Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing is a full-service professional car cleaning company in Orlando, FL. Our team prides itself on helping every vehicle look immaculate no matter if it's fresh from the dealership or has become a family heirloom. For an estimate or to schedule an appointment, call Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing today!

Benefits of Auto Detailing In Orlando, FL

There are countless benefits to contacting Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing in Orlando, FL, but these three benefits stand out among all vehicles.


Auto Detailing in Orlando, FL

Increased Vehicle Value

Whether you're planning to sell the vehicle or drive it for years to come, auto detailing is an easy way to maintain or recover vehicle value. Damage happens to the vehicle every day whether you realize it or not. UV rays fade the exterior paint and interior materials while chemicals, dirt, oils, and other debris on roadways can wear away the paint finish and weaken the metal. Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing takes great care to restore the vehicle's former condition using deep cleaning and conditioning techniques.

Extra Layer Of Protection

Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing uses high-quality automotive cleaners and conditioners to make sure your vehicle is protected every day. A regular coat of wax not only makes the vehicle's paint color stand out but acts as a layer of protection against daily damage.

Deep Clean Inside & Out

When the exterior of the vehicle looks fabulous, you want the interior to match. But stubborn stains and mysterious odors can make it seem impossible — until you call Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing. Our mobile detailing professionals use the latest techniques and cleaners and deodorizers to leave the interior looking and smelling showroom new.

Full-Service Mobile Detailing

Interior Car Detailing

With interior car detailing, our focus is on the upholstery and plastic and vinyl surfaces. First, we vacuum the fabric or leather to remove loose dirt and debris before shampooing the material. Vehicles with leather upholstery are also conditioned to restore a soft texture and to help protect the material from degradation. The dash, console, steering wheel, and other interior parts made from plastic and vinyl are also cleaned. Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing reaches into every crevice — especially those tricky places where French fries fall — to make sure the interior is thoroughly cleaned. And don’t worry about the interior side of the windows and windshield. You’ll barely realize they’re there after our professionals clean and polish the glass.

Exterior Car Detailing

The first step in a pristine vehicle exterior is a soap soak. As the soap rests on the surface, it’s loosening dirt, dust, mud, and other debris from the paint surface. An Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing professional then uses non-abrasive brushes and cloths to wipe away the debris and soap before rinsing away any residue. Once the exterior is clean and dry, we’ll polish the paint, clay the exterior surface, and/or apply a coat of wax if desired. Windows are methodically cleaned last, leaving you with a vehicle that is immaculate inside and out.

Car Detailing Restoration Service In Orlando, FL

When we say Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing provides full-service mobile car detailing, we mean our professionals are also skilled in restoration services. With six restoration services to choose from, you can make any vehicle feel and look brand new! Here are four of our most popular restoration services.

Headlight Restoration

The headlights of a vehicle are on the front line every day and become foggy or hazy over time from exposure. A professional headlight restoration improves the appearance and safety by allowing the headlights to illuminate further and more intensely as you drive.

Interior Odor & Stain Removal

Don’t hang another air freshener from the rearview mirror — call Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing! Our professionals use high-quality deodorizers and sanitizers to expel even the peskiest lingering odor. Long stained floor mats and upholstery? No problem!

Engine Cleaning

Though you might not see the engine every day, periodic engine cleaning can be helpful if your mechanic is troubleshooting an issue. Without dirt and grime buildup in the way, the mechanic can quickly identify the issue and begin making repairs so your beautiful vehicle is back on the road in no time!

Clay Bar Paint Clean & Polish

Called claying, clay bar treatment removes contaminants and debris that tightly adhere to the vehicle’s surfaces— even after painstaking cleaning. These pliable bars are made from a mixture of engineered resin and gently restore the true shine and smoothness to your vehicle.

Professional Car Cleaning In Orlando, FL

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, having a professional car cleaning in Orlando, FL will make your vehicle stand out. At Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing, we’re professionals who are passionate about making sure every vehicle looks great while being protected from everyday damage. Our services can be packaged to fit your needs and with friendly appointment options, you’re a phone call away from an outstanding vehicle. Call Eye Kandy Mobile Detailing today!